Borussia Dortmund International Jersey 2017/2018 Cheap

On March 29, Bundesliga Day 29, Bayern will face Dortmund at home, a special match for Lewandowski, as the Poles have played in Dortmund for many years. Then the question arises: at the time of Dott, Lewan was excellent: was it Bayern? The sport of the German media1 analyzed the data of the Polish forerunners when they played for two giants, which shows that when Bayern played, Lewan’s goals were more effective.

Although Lewan is now a member of Bayern, Dortmund is his favorite place. Lewan played for Dortmund for four seasons. In the 2010-2011 season, Lewan played 43 games for Dortmund and scored 9 goals, but the score was not high, but Lewan’s goals began to rise slowly. During the 2011-2012 season, Lewan played 47 goals for Dortmund and scored 30 goals, the next season, 49 games and 36 goals. In the last season of Lewan with Dortmund, he played a total of 48 games and scored 29 goals.

According to statistics, during Dodge’s efficiency, Lewan made a total of 187 appearances on behalf of the Hornets, scored 103 goals, and the number of goals per game was 0.55. Looking at the number of assists, Ledowan was more selfless during the Dortmund period, sending a total of 43 assists and 34 assists to Bayern. In terms of the number of yellow cards, Levine received 19 yellow cards in Dodd’s efficiency, while in Bayern the number of yellow cards for the Polish leader was 15.

Last summer, Borussia Dortmund, transferred from Borussia Dortmund to Dahmund, had a noticeable performance during the season, and Dortmund is currently ranked third and should enter the Champions League in the new season. Dahud spoke of athletic ideals: “We want to qualify for the Champions League and we have to do our best. The Champions League competition is always very special. I can now have more confidence in the club. After the M21 in Germany is only my first dream. It is on behalf of the German team to play the 2018 World Cup in Russia. ”

So we will see together that the football shirt is the Jersey Borussia Dortmund International 2017/2018, this cheap football shirt and top quality. shirt with V-neck, lettering “BVB” at the nape of the neck, inscription “DORTMUND” at the waist at the back, contrasting graphics on each side of the jersey, logo of Puma on the chest of the right, the badge of the football club on the chest of the left.

The new football kits, as the club’s fourth official match of the new season, will be worn by the team in the long-awaited UEFA Champions League stadium. With its fast and direct football style, the Dortmund club has a large number of fans around the world and the group continues to grow. The inspiration for the fuzzy design of the new jersey is derived from this exciting Dortmund-style football style, which will create a strong dynamic image under the spotlight of the Champions League night. Following the classic color scheme of “Bumblebee”, yellow and black are the dominators of the new jersey, forming a fearless yellow-black wall, which shows absolute dominance in the highest stage of the football world.

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